Saturday, February 6, 2010

"OutCast" with James Nesbitt, Kate Dickie World Premiere at SXSW in March

As a follow to the post below, Colm McCarthy's "OutCast" starring the great Kate Dickie and James Nesbitt will have its world premiere at the SXSW festival next month in Texas. While tickets for this screening are not yet available (or word on who might be attending) the film portion of the festival runs March 12-20th in Austin. Great news!Update: The Herald now has a piece online with quotes from the producer Eddie Dick who says they turned down a chance to screen at Tribeca in favor of the vaunted Texas festival. quotage: "

When asked to choose Tribeca or SXSW, Outcast producer Eddie Dick said: “Our sales agent said you must take SXSW because it is developing a reputation as the coolest film festival in the US.

“Tribeca is a great festival but for this kind of film and the attention we are wanting to get for it, the prize here has to be an attempt to get a release in North America. Getting the opening slot in the fantasy section is as good a shot as we’re going to get at that.”

I have been told we won't be seeing an official promo for another week or so yet, but be sure to check out my flickr for the earlier poster and some filming photos from last year. Stay tuned!

Bonus! While we dont know who will be attending and when exactly the film premiere will take place, Scottish great actress Katie Dickie is due to open with her new place "What We Know" at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh, Scotland. Previewing Feb 17, and running thru Feb 24th, you can learn more about the play and book tickets here at this link. GO KATE! :)

UPDATE! A great interview with the GREAT KATE DICKIE in the Times, where she discusses the above mentioned play. There are brief mentions of her forthcoming appearances in Rounding Up Donkeys, Pillars of the Earth and Outcast. Quotage:

"The television and film work that has kept her off the stage for the past two years is done in more family-friendly short bursts. She has finished Rounding Up Donkeys, which is a sequel, of sorts, to Red Road. It has the same characters and actors but shakes them all around into a completely different film. Alfred, who was Dickie’s father-in-law in Red Road, is now her father. He is also played by a different actor. No mention, at this point, of nudity and sex.

Back in the mainstream, Dickie pops up in a couple of episodes of The Pillars of the Earth, a mini-series starring Ian McShane and Matthew Macfadyen, a one-off drama, Dive, with Ewen Bremner, and a horror film, Outcast, starring James Nesbitt. Despite all this, Dickie can’t break the habit of worrying where the next job is coming from.

“I never feel safe with it — I’m always thinking all right, there’s going to be a long, quiet period ahead. I can’t help it."Unless the National Theatre of Scotland is taken over by Simon Cowell, that is never going to happen."

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