Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Film Festival Update: Dispatches from France, Glasgow, Dublin, and Berlin

Happy February! Well we may have six more weeks (at least) of dread snowy weather ahead booooo!, but at least there are some good things heating up on the film festival scene to distract. Going global, there is the following of interest:

France: Colin Kennedy and Brian Coffey from Sigma are in France as I Love Luci, the newest film from Sigma is making waves at the acclaimed Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival. Colin reports that despite the cold, there is some interest in the film which he wrote and directed, and all fingers are crossed for sales. Go Luci Go! If you are not already, be sure to follow Colin on his Twitter here and check out the new Facebook Fanpage for the film, which has a debut of the new poster for the film. :)

Glasgow: The Scottish Premiere of I LOVE LUCI will take place during the Glasgow Film Festival, notably the Short Film Festival section. The crew from Sigma will hopefully make an appearance as the film screens Saturday, February 20th in the "Competition 1" showing. Tickets can be purchased at this link. It is also worth noting that the "Great Scots" strand of the festival will feature an appearance by the great Peter Mullan on February 26th where hopefully he will make remarks about his most recent feature Neds which was based out of Film City Glasgow. You can see new photos from the film here, including one of the excellent Gary Lewis. Director Kevin MacDonald will be the subject of the directors cut series, this event taking place on Sat. Feb 27 where no doubt the subject of the recent Eagle of the Ninth Scottish production will be discussed :) Finally, be sure to head on over to the Apple Store on Buchanan Street February 25 as Scots director Richard Jobson (New Town Killers) will be making an appearance; more info here.

Berlin: more specifically the EFM the busy market for the films will see a few quiet yet hugely important events taking place. If this report is accurate, lucky buyers will be able to see a private promo reel for David Mackenzie's The Last Word. This is nothing new, standard practice to help sell a film, just am hoping things will go really really well for this. Also a film that was made in Edinburgh and several locations as documented here on this blog last year, OUTCAST starring James Nesbitt and the superb Kate Dickie, will be screening several times at the EFM, starting next week on February 11th . A test website is now in place but does not contain much of anything frankly; fingers crossed however that this means we are going to be actually getting a promo and pics finally at some point!

Dublin: Nicolas Winding Refn's Valhalla Rising, starring Mads Mikkelsen and Jamie Sives will be screening at the Jameson Dublin Film Festival on February 24th. As the film has opened in several countries already, there are now several websites online for the film. The French website for the movie features a few new high res downloads, and the Danish site is not completely working properly however you can listen to a bit of the music.

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