Thursday, February 18, 2010

April Showers Bring Jamie Sives Galore: Valhalla Rising DVD, Clash of Titans, Wonderful Afterlife

Sweet Sives Forecast for April 2010: JAMIE SIVES MONTH!

Yes, with my keen prognosticator skills at hand, I pronounce it will be raining Jamie Sives (Hallelujah!) for the month of April-best kind of showers I can think of ;))) What blather am I on about now? Why the release dates of new upcoming Jamie Sives projects coming soon to a screen near you! Witness:

APRIL 2: Clash of the Titans released! In ffng 3D...yes 3D JAMIE TO BOOT. god I cant wait! :)))) Website at this link. While I can NOT find one single still background shot or anything of Jamie in the barrage of trailers stills etc of late, he does appear as "Commander" in the remake of the classic film, which also stars the always wonderful Mads Mikkelsen. As Jamie exclusively told me here first, he will be appearing in this film, doing most of his scenes with Mads. The fan sites are now permitted to release their set visits and Coming Soon (same interview I think as on collider) has this great piece with Mads. No mention of Jamie of course, but we remain hopeful that we will see a wee Jamie action figure, or you can see his character in the video game too lol. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SOMEONE HAVE MERCY and let us see a still of Jamie in his costume for this film /grovels.

APRIL 19 Valhalla Rising DVD released in UK (US distribution somepoint this spring, date unknown) AMAZON HAS THE DVD FOR PRE-ORDER .
HMV also has the same date, however please note that has it for pre-order with a April 26 release

As I reported previously this film is still screening at festivals, with tickets remaining for the Jameson Dublin festival.

APRIL 23 It's a Wonderful Afterlife released in theatres. Website here. Jamie plays a police detective in this film which has gotten mixed reviews (ie its just ok kind of thing alas) Still I will be there for sure opening day! :)))

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  1. ok. i remember reading this back in february some time... so i guess i just totally forgot he was going to be in clash. i feel such a fool....