Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Track listing for "You Instead" Soundtrack

Metropolis group uk is due to release the official soundtrack for David Mackenzie's "You Instead." Apparently there is an issue w/getting it up on iTunes for now, but while we wait, here is the track listing:

  1. The Make - You Instead
  2. The Make - Breakthrough
  3. The Make - We Are Electric
  4. The Make - Hot Head Hot Beat
  5. The Make - Black Crow
  6. The Make - Dark Energy
  7. The Make - Atomic Love
  8. The Dirty Pinks - Dirty Pink
  9. The Dirty Pinks - Give It A Go
  10. The Make - You Instead (Acoustic Version)
Will update this post when the soundtrack become available.
Note: Honestly....Given the slaughter in the press and the disastrous box office last week *huge sigh*, am personally highly uncertain if this film will ever be released in the US, however Lovefilm still has the DVD pre-orders available, and maybe the option will be there via Distrify-dunno... so hopefully fans will be able to get to see this film and the soundtrack as well world wide-fingers crossed!

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