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David Mackenzie's "You Instead" Released Today in UK

David Mackenzie's made at T in the Park film has now been formally released today in the UK. Playing for at least one week at Cineworlds across the UK, you can purchase tickets via this link. Other screenings/ticket ops can be found on the official You Instead Facebook page (check their Distrify player then click more etc to type in your location) That FB also has a great batch of photos from the vip screening in London held earlier this week-also where the above photo of brothers David and his actor brother Alastair was taken. VIDEO OF THE LONDON PREM CAN BE SEEN RIGHT HERE!

There have been a few good interviews released this week with and about director David Mackenzie as well as with the two main leads Nat & Luke.

* The Skinny
* This is FakeyDIY:
That shot of the sunrise, with the flock of seagulls and everything is really nice.

"That wasn’t in the script! We were just out there, and it was almost apocalyptic. The seagulls were just fantastic, it seemed to be that kind of moment. You just go with the flow and take advantage of what’s presented to you. That’s the kind of filmmaking that isn’t often allowed, and when you are allowed it and it works, it’s a real privilege."

Any bizarre anecdotes from the festival?

"I’m not too good at these... it was incredible how everyone came together, particularly in the crowd scenes, we manged to get crowd surfing and everything – the magic of getting things to work, with the last bit of light in the sky... we got so tight as a unit. It’s not really an anecdote but that was a real high point. The seagull thing, at four thirty in the morning was another, a real beauty moment, even though we were all knackered!"

* Indie London: Highlights

Q. What was the biggest lesson that you learned about yourself on this one?
David Mackenzie: "That I’m good at thinking on my feet! To me, that was a sort of revelation. Ever since my first film, it’s been a process of: “This is what we’re going to do…” We’d then organise it, whereas this is much more a case of, well, here’s an idea and five seconds later you’re shooting it. And to realise that I was quite good at that and quite good at remaining calm and focused, and to realise that it was possible to make films using that method was a great thing to learn. I’d absolutely love to be able to apply that in some way not to every film but to some of the films I do. Shooting in a live environment means that you can’t control that environment, so you have to kind of relax and just let that environment do what it does and try and let all the various tides of what’s going on help you rather than hinder you. So, that was a really thrilling thing to discover.

Q. What’s next for you?
David Mackenzie: "I’ve got a few things going. I’m about to start writing an adaptation of a book by Toby Litt, called Journey Into Space. I’m working on a graphic novel of a script that I’ve written called Stain on The Snow, which is an adaptation of a book by George Simenon and that’s set in 1940s Belgium and involves a kid on a crime spree. So, the idea is that the graphic novel is sort of a step towards making the movie. It’s an interesting experiment for me and I’m really excited about that. We’ve also got a number of other projects in development and we’ll just see what’s going to come next. We’ve got a prison drama that’s pretty close to being ready and we can maybe shoot that quite quickly. So, a number of things are in the process of aligning and I’m not sure which one will hit the ground first."

*Guardian Film Weekly/Jason Solomans podcast

* Eye for Film UK interview with Luke & Nat:

(Highlight speaking about David)

This film is very different from director David MacKenzie's previous work. What was it like working with him?

Natalia: "It was amazing! Basically, I think he is amazing. He doesn't mess around. I love that because sometimes you can waste so much time with directors trying to be sensitive with you, and I actually then miss the point of the scene. 'So what's your character's inner..?' and I'm getting more and more confused until I realise they're trying to make a point. I loved the directness because of time - I was like 'This? This?' and he was like 'Yes!' Bang."

Mat: "I feel like we were lucky to get to work with him on this particular project, because there's a reason he wanted to do a film that's impossible to do and so we worked with him on a project that I think was really reinvigorating for him. He was completely wired and passionate and he had this sort of hunter's look in his eye. You could see he was just constantly looking for opportunities. He had his own camera to shoot extra stuff on and he was always just going 'Let's do this! That looks amazing! Run! Run!'"

Luke: "You couldn't switch off because he wasn't gonna switch off. Even walking from one scene to another. It became pretty clear after day one, don't bother thinking you've got a five or ten minute break, because David ain't taking one so why waste the time?"

Natalia: "We barely even had time to go to the loo. I had to get extras to help me because I was handcuffed to Luke."

Luke: "It's funny because there's a scene where we have to use the toilets handcuffed together, obviously you see a scene like that, you think it might have been embarrassing to film, but by that point we'd been handcuffed together so long that boundaries were broken!"

Natalia: "Smashed!"

Video Interviews:

Empire Online: Luke & Nat

Digital Spy w/Luke & Nat

SOUNDTRACK IS COMING ON 26 SEPT. from Metropolis Studio~

Here is a nifty preview (acoustic) on YOUTUBE.


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