Monday, September 5, 2011

September Equals a Sweet Month of News from Sigma Films

September will be a sweet month indeed as things are heating up this week for the UK release of David Mackenzie's "You Instead." There are contests for new bands to play ahead of the premiere next week in London, poster giveaways and a slew of other unique things happening among all the gig news on the YouInstead Facebook page.
PER REQUEST: HERE IS A LARGE DOWNLOAD OF THE NEW POSTER FOR "You Instead" Just click on it, pops up large, then right click and save as whatever and whereever you want on your computer/ipad etc.

IMPORTANT: Please register for Sigma Films email list for poster giveaways and the like as we go forward. FREE EASY TO DO RIGHT HERE AT THIS LINK.

ALSO LOVEFILM.COM HAS SIGN UP FOR THE DVD/ONLINE OPTIONS . (No date for the DVD yet available, but I strongly suspect this year)

*You Instead Blu-Ray Sign up for availability
*You Instead DVD

Given the recent spate of pr mailings to all Nat related fansites, I'm fairly certain news coverage of the YI London premiere will be well documented. Will bring what I can to the table as well,a s well as any reviews of note that will come (press screenings held in the last few weeks already; will soon see them online as we go forward) Stay tuned!

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