Monday, August 8, 2011

Take a Bite out of Ewan and Perfect Sense at San Sebastian Film Festival

Well its not quite an invitation to dinner with Chef Ewan McGregor but close ;) as the San Sebastian Film festival will feature dinner and screening of David Mackenzie's "Perfect Sense" next month. Part of a special event at the festival in Spain, the Culinary Cinema will feature 7 films, 7 themes, 7 restaurants and 7 chefs, one for each of the films. The screening of "Perfect Sense" which stars Ewan McGregor and Eva Green, will be accompanied by a meal from Illara of San Sebastian, prepared by Josean Eizmendi, owner and chef well known for his excellent servings from the grill. AWESOME! As a blatant foodie, I think this is fantastic idea (esp given the high concentration of Michelin rated restaurants in the city). The festival says of Chef Eizmendi:
Josean Eizmendi
Today the Illarra restaurant is a must in the world of the grill, an evolving technique sending strong ripples through the sector of which Josean is a recognised, prizewinning author. An inquisitive, outgoing chef who loves to teach those who delight in his food and refuses to offer anything but the best.

The festival runs 16-24 September, with tickets becoming available in a few weeks; updates on that to follow.

FB page Illarra

Bonus: Just because, in case you missed the earlier tweets, here are a few pics of David Mackenzie, a man of definite taste, enjoying himself and a glass of wine to boot at the recent Motovun Film Festival where he was a judge and screened Perfect Sense.

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