Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Download Acoustic Track from "You Instead"

A cool new acoustic track from You Instead is now available.

I know some are having issues with obtaining this so here is what to do:
GO TO THE YI FB at this link (give a few it will be there)
Register for Distrify (ITS FREE, easy pie)
Download the great title track sung by Luke Treadaway & Mat Baynton.
See the film when it opens in the UK in September. Should be playing region wide; one is DCA Dundee 16 September-29 September Tix here

UK Press had their previews and some are beginning to appear online. Here is a good one from Front Row Gig. Quotage: "...two of the characters, Tyko (Matthew Baynton), who is Adams band mate, and the bands agent (Gavin Mitchell) were genuinely brilliant characters played excellently, those two created the better moments of the film...The films soundtrack is, as expected, one of the strongest elements of the film, using many excellent tracks, both modern and older, most of which were live at ‘T in the Park’, and sound excellent, the cover of ‘Tainted Love’ by the two fictitious bands was particularly memorable."

Bonus: you can preview that acoustic title track here on my Soundcloud; please download via Distrify.

"you instead" accoustic Luke Treadaway, Mat by sweetonsigmafilms

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