Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rant and actual news about some contests

For those that can actually follow any sort of twitter/fb news which, in mine and others opinion, has been rather buried among the absurd amount of other festival/band news unrelated to the actual film itself the larger readership and Sigma film fans might know that David Mackenzie's "You Instead" is due to be released in a few weeks in the UK. RANT!
The contrast between the excellent Perfect Sense twitter/campaign and this is mind boggling. can you tell Im fairly annoyed , TURNED OFF COMPLETELY and slightly pissed off at being blown off so much by this ? yes? cause I am :(( I MEAN WHAT THE HELL??? Am I the only one aghast at what has been happening. Yea probably but I cant contain it anymore (and I love Sigma so so so very much but oh man :(((((( The marketing of this film has been heartbreaking to me :(((( New cheap tacky tagline on the newest poster. gag. FB is awash in anything BUT news on the film. Quick who else stars in it besides Nat and Luke? gong time up! Certainly has been targeted to a very specific niche and generally unaware of the film crowd -free handcuffs! fliers galore (nevermind most end up in post festival rubbish) and woot free tees that have very little to do with actual movie!( yeah Im not a complete fuddy duddy, some of it is inspired-altho apparently if you are say 40 PERISH THE THOUGHT that festivals might still be interesting/appealing to you, because of course once you hit 30/give birth, get a job your music tastes all shrivel and die, you are no longer remotely fun cool, adventurous and have no memory capacity at all of ever attending such ground breaking events like the original Live Aid, following bands across the country or going to any such concerts cause as we know festivals are only for truly hip cool drunk mud reveling 20 yrs and we old respectable responsible job holding home owning ticket buying old fogies are not worthy pfffffffffffffffft soooo disappointed in how they are approaching the release of this can. not. stand. it any.more.*sigh*) HOPEFULLY I AM WRONG and it will prove to be a big box office smash and you know and in total fairness, there are in fact contests being held that are quite cool OPEN TO 16/18 and older ALL IN UK and definitely worth entering/reading about! There, I can still positive :P
So ok, now that is off my big old chest...

The London premiere of YOU INSTEAD will take place on 13 September at the Odeon, and promises to be a proper and big deal, complete with ticket opportunities to the screening as well as what will surely be a killer after party at Camden Barfly (complete w/ a performance from the excellent and unique Molotov Jukebox)
Here are three contests to win tix to that event GO NOW
*Gig Wise

*Orange Film

* 4Music AWESOME CONTEST includes a 32 INCH TV, IPOD & Best of all: PS3 w/Rockband (so you too can play like Al did as Monty in Monster Mutt lmao )

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