Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Trailer for Colin Kennedy's "I Love Luci" Now Online

Excellent way to start off the new year: the trailer for Colin Kennedy's new short film "I Love Luci" is now online at this link!(Update: Cheers to Colin for letting us know load times are fixed, ENJOY IT or watch it here on youtube!

Well, dunno about you, but I was thrilled with this trailer (altho I could have done without the toilet shot eww lol) but it was so great to FINALLY see some footage of what we only saw stills of before. I didn't want to know too much because just for once I wanted to not be spoiled way in advance of a film, so I was delighted to see all those places written about before now on film. The cast and dog look great and that was a new one with the smooch, haha! Not sure who made the trailer, most likely Colin who is quite good at these things for sure, but I hope people will like it!

I Love Luci, the newest Sigma Films production will premiere THIS FRIDAY, January 8th in snowy London at the short film festival at 6:15pm, with tickets still available. If you are traveling there, please journey safely yikes!
Colin updated his blog to let us know that he, his producer Brian Coffey and stars Colin Harris and Camila Rutherford will be in attendance, Anyone going and lucky enough to see the film or meet in person any of these fine people please please send in your reports/photos! While I wish so badly to be there for this event, I AM WITH YOU COLIN in spirit, sending all good thoughts to you the entire cast and crew and Sigma

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  1. The time it takes to load is now sorted. It should only take a couple of mins now for the trailer to download and then it should play automatically.