Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Photo Update! Jamie Sives in "One Night in Emergency"

CHRISTMAS time is still here, as witnessed by some glorious new photos of actor Jamie Sives in "One Night in Emergency." You can see new screencaps of his small turn as Nick in the one hour production which is still showing for lucky UK residents on BBC Iplayer until January 11 at this link! The official FB page is also here. Gah hes so gorgeous look at his curls I could die, and this close up good lord but he takes my breath away, lol I love you Jamie!sorry but oh man....
Six degrees of SigmaFilms game bonus------------>
SanjeevKohli is also in Colin Kennedy's I Love Luci as you can see in trailer :D
MANY THANKS are in order and go most gratefully to the wonderful Leanne from Kevin McKidd Online for this wonderful treat, and indeed we can see Jamie reunited with his old friend and co-star of One Last Chance here. Many more are available here on my flickr.

Honestly I know others will cringe, but my goodness this past year has been amazing, between the awesome ColinFarrell fans and Ewan McGregor fans and Kevin McKidd online and James Nesbitt fans, and JJ Field Darcylicious and all the other wonderful fans and readers who have emailed, you take my breath away and I'm so grateful for this Leanne and to all who take time out to share the love for whatever or whoever it is. Long live Scottish and Irish film (and ok English, American and hell the whole world lol) Bring on a better 2010!
Cheers and hugs to you all! xxxx

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