Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sigma Films/Advance Party "Donkeys" to Premiere Edinburgh Film Festival June 20!

GREAT NEWS today everyone!
Thrilled to say that "Donkeys" will make its world wide premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival next month on June 20, 2010!! This is the second installment of the Advance Party film Trilogy, following on the heels of the critically acclaimed Red Road. This film features many of those same characters and actors, set this time in a new storyline and what is described as comedy/drama. Donkeys is directed by Morag McKinnon and written by Colin McLaren. TICKETS AVAILABLE AT THIS LINK June 3

James Cosmo (Alfred)
Kate Dickie (Jackie)
Brian Pettifer (Brian)
Martin Compston (Stevie)
Natalie Press (April)
TONY CURRAN (Clyde) IS CONFIRMED to have small part in this film as well!

A TRAILER HAS BEEN CUT and will be online soon STAY TUNED!

Donkeys is a Sigma Films production
Producers Gillian Berrie, Anna Duffield
Cinematography by Lol Crawley
Editing by frequent Sigma associate, the excellent Colin Monie plus Jake Roberts
Casting by Kahleen Crawford
Full List here (hopefully updated soon)

You can see photos/interviews here on my flickr as well as these taken on set here.

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  1. Having been knocked out by 'Red Roads' ages ago, can't wait to see 'Donkeys' now. What sort of release will it have nationwide? Can I get it on dvd soon?
    Sue A.