Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Short and Sweet of Sigma

The last couple of weeks I've been feeling very stretched thin as there is a lot going on,with lots of traveling, concerts, yet more trips to be planned for, even the rare date! Not to mention its summer and its dang hard not to go into full sloth mode. You know, the kind of mode where you laze about in the sun or on a couch somewhere and idly daydream and plan and ponder over things you want to achieve but don't necessarily go any further than jotting a note down somewhere on the back of a receipt or a cocktail napkin or something...and stumble on it a few weeks later, then you go what the heck was I thinking about here? Such is the progress of my attempt at a screenplay-lots of disjointed notes on cocktail napkins (maybe I should call that the title of a book or the screenplay! LOL)

Anyway, I'd had been doing a lot of that lately, making small notes about the big dreams, when I read that Colin Kennedy had updated regarding progress on his short film I Love Luci. While it wasn't the great scoop on the status of or new films from Sigma I had been hoping for, DRAT ! :), I do admit I am quite keen on following the progress on this film, and it's always good to know that he is getting forward motion on landing the funds to make this film. He also noted hes made short films when talking about the funding process -which I so hope Scottish Screen will come through! As such, I feel compelled to say yes he HAS made some short films before-I've seen a few and they are good! Now, he would probably be very pissed at me if he saw me blathering on about this here, but while clearly I think he's talented, I particularly enjoyed this very brief yet funny video called "Kick that In" I wish he would upload all of this and his others on youtube, as myspace is so buggy lately and I find it hard to get stuff to work, but this is worth watching. Update:

That's what I like about Sigma. No, its not that they are making movies but are honest about their attempts and that they all seem to have a genuine appreciation and continued devotion to short films. Obviously many many people in the film industry start out making short films ala George Lucas etc but it seems to me that many seem to forget about them once they've achieved a measure of success. Oh not all are like that, as evident at film festivals like the still ongoing Edinburgh film festivals, where accomplished artists hold panels and work with with would be film makers, but this is not always the case. Anyway, I know previously I've written about a short film named "Trout" that Anna Duffield of Sigma produced, and she apparently worked again with that same director, Johnny Barrington for his newest film called "Terra Firma."

Looking around the other I can't believe I forgot about this from earlier -doh (I put it down to effects from slothy summer-itus ) but in the Channel 4 feature on Johnny Barrington, Terra Firma is definitely mentioned. In the piece he said its a "tale of a ship's entertainer who goes "a bit mad," it's his most ambitious enterprise yet. It was made on a smaller budget (than Trout) but it's longer, with a much larger cast," Johnny explains. "I've no idea how it'll be received, because it's a lot darker. The story itself hasn't got an obvious arc. But I don't mind." There is also a brief video interview with him online here via BBC Cinema Extreme. I think this screened earlier this year at the Glasgow film festival maybe too, but not sure when or where else it may show this summer-hope they release some sort of clip or promo in the future!

While I don't get the chance to go out and see as many short films as I would like, I do enjoy seeing them, for me its like watching what I do for a living in another form, (and often more enjoyable!) Although not currently as Im helping more with online written content these days, I have produced longer "in focus" pieces for television news programs (in the old days I did a few pieces for those syndicated shows like PM magazine) you know, the rare but occasional longer slice of life pieces.

One great slice of life short film that impressed the heck out of me was Red Road director Andrea Arnold's Oscar Winning " WASP" If you have not yet seen this piece, The Times has the entire film online (free!) as well as 24 others that are well worth taking the time out to watch. (In fact, I like to click around on that Film 4 website, I've stumbled over some random good clips that I sure as heck would have never heard of, let alone watch.) I love that Sigma embraces directors such as Andrea and Morag Mckinnon , relatively unknown at first to larger audiencesm and gives them opportunity to tackle bigger films that sets then on their way to even bigger projects-bravo!

'Course this short film business also has a great deal to do with the backgrounds of the principles: Gillian Berrie and the Mackenzie Brothers, David and Alastair. They all came from and made some excellent short films, including California Sunshine which still remains one of my favorites-the sly humor, mixture and inner truth hidden in the story line- so funny so quirky just aces (the fact that Alastair is looking more than fine to say the least doesn't hurt a bit either -well its true!) Plus I openly admit, I still get a big stupid grin on my face when I see David in his cameo too woo! :))) ) Directed by David, written by Gillian and starring Alastair (and think his wife in real life), it's still online mercifully free here via AtomFilms. Viva short films and those who still make them!

Monday, June 23, 2008

"Valhalla Rising" Starring Mads Mikkelsen and Jamie Sives Filming in Scottish Highlands

A random bit of news today regarding filming for "Valhalla Rising" starring former Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself cast mates Jamie Sives and Mads Mikkelsen. Even though we learned last week with the casting news of Sandy Morton (Monarch of the Glen) and model Lauren Tempany, the Scotsman reports there is another member on board-a boxer by the name of Alex Arthur. Now as I don't follow boxing at all, haven't a clue who this fellow is nor what role he is undertaking in the new film directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, but tis always good when someone lets these little tidbits fall by the way of the press . Nordisk films also states that filming is officially underway, with Scottish actor Gerry Lewis (Billy Elliot), Refn’s usual DoP Morten Søborg and music composer Mogwai...For producer Johnny Anderson, Valhalla Rising will have a very modern feeling. “Nicolas is shooting it in continuity. he will make it like a Pusher movie,” commented Anderson, interviewed a few hours before the first clapper board."

All that is good and well, of course, but also of great interest to me is location filming for this movie. I love love love locations for films (am still toying with the idea of abandoning writing and learning more about this job in films) and am always keen to read more, and possibly visit those locales used in movie-making. Clearly I am not alone as the tourist board of Great Britain has major bucks invested in promoting this movie tours heh, but there doesnt seem to be too many in Sigma film related lolol-perhaps I need to get on that! :)) Anyway, thanks to the mighty Google alert, word today is that filming for the movie is taking place in the Loch Lomond area of Scotland, near a place called Arrochar. (tourist link here) cool!

A man, who is doing a bike ride for charity around Scotland, apparently rode by the crew while a scene was ongoing on his way in the Arrochar area, as a blogger by the name of John Peet wrote "It was another few miles before the climb started to bite, and the rain came down even harder to the point that I could see cloud hovering above the nearby pine trees. Before reaching the Rest and be Thankful lay-by, I came across a film crew in the middle of shooting a scene from a new film 'Valhalla Rising”, some delight being expressed about the authentic cloud and gloom which would otherwise have cost thousands to create artificially. So you see, one man's nightmare, is another's Valhalla."

INDEED! and not to mention a daft fangirl's delight :) So the movie, which is using Film City Glasgow as a production base, is surely underway, now if only some kind soul could snap a photo or two lol -well this is a good start, good to know that they are still inland for the time being but not sure at all how long that will last.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Katie Dickie Attends Premiere of Somers Town, EIFF

Ah she is so cool! Actress Katie Dickie attended the premiere of her latest film "Somers Town," today at the Edinburgh Film Festival. Posing for pics (a few wire photos here at my flickr , more here via EIFF official website)she attended the event with director Shane Meadows.The film is generating some good buzz and got some good early reviews ex here from, The Herald, The Scotsman to start with, and I really like with this line from Future Movies who wrote "I propose that the best way to spend Saturday afternoon is bathing in the warm glow of Shane Meadows’ new film Somers Town." Now, if they will only PLEASE start revealing more about Katie and the upcoming Rounding Up Donkeys!!

More disappointing however is the very early reaction to The Stone of Destiny-just so so reviews online for folks to read so far. Despite this very nice video piece from the BBC on the originals who pulled off the caper back in the 50's, not sure if the movie is meeting expectations. (plus while I wasnt there for it, I heard multiple times the press screening earlier this week had 'issues' like sound or hassles on getting in, plus lots of grumbling before about the limits put on folks with the Edge of Love press meetings, as seen in this I must say SPOT ON column from the BBC about normal red carpet coverage, or at least matches what Ive experienced here in the States before, dunno how accurate it is about the events at The Edge of Love premiere-btw Keira looked glum as hell in all those pics-dunno if being there with her mum did it but it looked like she totally was not having fun at all and I could care less about Siennas totally intended to generate tabloid coverage love life lol ) Regardless, early word is the film is only average, with the Herald calling it "baloney" ouch! and EdinburghGuide saying :

But the suspicion that a largely canadian production - writer-director Charles Martin Smith and much of his team are based in Vancouver, Canada - would have trouble getting under the skin of the Scottish nationalist psyche, is confirmed. It feels too much like an outsider looking in and comes off as a pretty-looking story, tugging a little too insistently at nationalist heart-strings.

Holding out for my own judgment later

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

By Gosh By Golly, It's Great Casting News for "Valhalla Rising"

Calling all Boglies! Monarch of the Glen,( Glenbogle)fans that is! Great news today as it was revealed over the weekend that actor Alexander (Sandy) Morton, beloved for his role as Golly the gamekeeper in Monarch, has now joined the cast of "Valhalla Rising" woo! This is great as he is a solid Scottish actor to be certain, and I'm quite pleased to learn this news! Here is an old press release from the BBC on his role as Golly in Monarch :note this is a pdf link)

The Scotsman reports that Sandy will be playing the role of a father in the new viking film from Nicolas Winding Refn currently due to begin production shortly along the coast of Scotland, and is based out of Film City Glasgow this summer. There is also great news that a "making of " documentary for the DVD is forthcoming and is currently being shot. This of course is awesome news, for Sandy is joining the cast that already has Mads Mikkelsen and Jamie Sives, , so lets hope there is loads of extra footage/goodies for goofball fans like me to drool over.

Speaking of drooling I'm sure there will be plenty people gaga over the over casting news as a beautiful Scottish model named Lauren Tempany has now joined the cast. This casting was brought about by casting director Des Hamilton (who has worked frequently with Sigma Films in the past) as the director was so taken with her,he wrote a part especially for the fledgingly actress. Quotage:

Tempany caught the eye of Scottish casting director Des Hamilton, whose previous discoveries include Kathleen McDermott, whom he spotted out shopping in Glasgow's Argyle Street and put forward for a major role in the 2002 film Morvern Callar.

"There's a making-of documentary being made around Valhalla and they asked me if I had met any young girls who were interesting," said Hamilton."I saw a photograph of Lauren and thought she was interesting and I met her. I introduced her to Nicolas and they got back in touch with her and she is now in the movie."

"I couldn't believe it," said Tempany. "But I am absolutely thrilled, especially to do a film in Scotland. It's a great movie and it's got a great cast." The paper also notes Tempany will play the daughter of a local Scottish chieftain who keeps Mikkelsen's character as a slave.

She has hoped to break into acting for some time.

"It's just been totally last minute," she said, shortly after being fitted for her costumes in Glasgow. "I've just heard in the past week that he's actually written a part for me, so I am totally, totally thrilled. I am just like – wow!"

WOW indeed-how cool and good for her. Roll on Valhalla Rising news!

Edinburgh Film Festival Starts Tonight!

This week, summer officially begins.

For me, my memories of summer are just exactly what you might see in a movie about summer days and nights in the South or Midwest: sleeping in, then up to run to the market or to the get the good picks from veggie stand (or the shrimpers when then came in) then off working in the garden, or skivving off to do some swimming in the lake as my brother would always do, leaving me with most of the work, but every now and then I would sneak off to ignore the chores and head out to my favorite spot near the woods where there was this great old oak tree by this creek that had good light and I would read read read. Oh it's completely corney and hokey to think of it but that was my life. I think its now the site of a bunch of condos near a Target or outdoor mall, but isnt that how it always is? Once in a while there were long road trips to the shore, or out west, band camp, summer bible school, weekly barbeques and dances, and always always long muggy nights filled with the sounds of the radio broadcasting baseball games, or the latest jazz/blues concerts, but for me the highlight was going to the drive- in to watch movies.

In those days, out door drive in movies were all the rage and for me, I very firmly identify summer with movies. All sorts of movies. If we were lucky and had a bit of money left over we might get lucky and scoot off to the dollar movie theater where they had air conditioning or fans everywhere, but generally, as money was always tight, it was best spent on going to the drive-in theater (where we regularly took turns sneaking our friends in hidden in the trunk) or scooting over the walls -we found a good low spot in the back left lol I can remember it exactly, and just walked in when we didn't have a car nor gas for the car, and watching the latest movie up on the big screen. There is something quite fun about sitting with a group of friends (or if you were lucky enough to have a date which I never did alas, go off for a bit of snogging as it were)and watch these great stories, comedies, drama, old classics, great adventures about people and places far away from where we were.

Tonight the Edinburgh International Film Festival begins in Scotland. Obviously film festivals in the summer are as strong as they were, and I think no matter where you grew up or live now, you can appreciate the joys of these summer events. You can have those outdoor events like Motovun or the mixture of what Edinburgh is offering. While there isn't a great Sigma film like Hallam Foe lol to kick off the event like last year, Sigma's Alastair Mackenzie is part of the opening film tonight called The Edge of Love. This will generate a lot of press coverage and hoopla (ergo this amusing blog entry here from speculating about Connery parachuting in for the event -ha!) , mostly due to the presence of the stars like Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller and Cillian Murphy and and and -but no word if Alastair will be there (of if they've even kept his part in!) I do hope there will be at least one photo of him there, but you never know.

Other films of note playing during the next few weeks really appeal to me much more, although they have nothing specifically to do with Sigma Films.
(All Media Scotland has this handy dandy article, that lists some Scottish films of interest at the festival, along with screening times and locations) NOTE: Scottish Screen will be there at the Festival with a booth for all to visit, and you can pick up a copy of that awesome (yet huge to download but well worth it) Made in Scotland brochure which you can bet lunatic fans-can't imagine who they might be;)- will be popping by to procure. I'm betting the Boyd and Carlyle and Dougray Scott fans will also make their presence known-just saying ... Bonus:Happy hour drinks! Huzzah~

*FAINTHEART: The Myspace created/backed film, the movie stars among a host of others, the awesome Ewan Bremner (HALLAM FOE, and of course Trainspotting). Good articles to read about this are here via The Times, The Telegraph, and The Scotsman. Its a pretty good bet Ewan will be there when it screens next week *crosses fingers* Ticket info via here.

Side note, Ewan was also recently in the news for his charity work, helping a bunch of students learn about film. This kind of quite yet classy thing-such as what Sigma Films did with their StarFish for Y0ung People program is vital, and another reason why I admire people like Ewan and Gillian and Colin and the people who run the Starfish program (headed by someone named Beth Allen) and companies like Sigma for thinking beyond themselves and giving back and investing in the future in a real and tangible way. More on this later but fighting the good fight is never a bad thing at all.

STONE OF DESTINY: First, Billy Boyd confirmed to attend. Ditto Robert Carlyle. Expect hordes of screaming fans.

This film looks awesome. Postive buzz o plenty. Good article now online via the Daily Record.
The Scottish Government was temporarily brain dead when someone thought it would be ok for Alex Salmond to release comments saying that he feels the current stone is fake. Way to shoot oneself in the ass. Sorry, but good grief! Just when the entire eyes of the world are on Scotland and you have a load of free press and publicity and you are trying to recruit TOURISM=BIG MONEY you do NOT , repeat NOT go say hey its fake, fools- why the f would people want to come see this, see this film-oy! As a person who does Archaeology as a serious hobby, sure there are boatloads of fake artifacts everywhere nothing new at all, but his comments struck me as so counterproductive to his own ongoing concurrent efforts (ie the Homecoming 2009 to Scotland thing which will get its own entry here soon) that I was incredulous. really. Anyway I want to see the Stone of Destiny film, moron comments notwithstanding, I think and hope a lot of others will too.

SOMERS TOWN. This had not been on my list but it is directed by Shane Meadowns, and it turns out it features RED ROAD'S KATIE DICKIE. Yes! While I can't find a trailer for either Stone of Destiny, nor this film, I did spot this lovely montage on Youtube that rather sums up this film.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rounding Up Mister Foe

As I think much more important things are taking precedent than feeding a pathetic twee fascination with things from my favorite film company in Glasgow, Scotland, information on films from Sigma continues to be rare in coming, however I did stumble over two tiny bits of news today:

*Rounding Up Donkeys: Mercifully, there is one other person out here who seems to be paying any attention to the progress of the sequel to Red Road, as the director David Cairns (and apparent friend of director Morag Mckinnon) has updated his blog with a nugget that Rounding Up Donkeys may "be ready by the time of next year’s Berlin Film Festival, in which case, watch out Germany." MOST EXCELLENT NEWS! Thank you so much for these tidbits! As Sigma is always well well received at Berlin, especially as witnessed for Hallam Foe, this bodes well for getting this film off to a good start -and hopefully generating some good press/net mentions too.
(Attention Helge; GET WELL SOON and then lets go to Berlin next year!) Speaking of Berlin- That premiere video of Hallam Foe at Berlin is still worth watching again- I need to learn how to nab this for the iPod/YouTube dang it. Clearly Colin was there filming loads of stuff of Jamie, Sophia and David- dunno if he will ever upload any of that; if he did I never saw anything of note aside from the applause thing at the press conference, but a girl can always hope lol

*Mister Foe: Showing this week (21, 22) at the Shanghai Film Festival, the news is still misleading on when exactly this movie will actually be released here in the US. In a wrap up of the recent Seattle International Film Festival, the local paper says that Mister Foe is due to open back in that city in two weeks. I think this may be wrong, but heh you never know, so maybe some lucky viewers in that city can see the film. But just as a reminder:


Speaking of promoting, I do find it curious that the trailer for Mister Foe is starting to be shown on those 'previews' shows- you know the ones where they all claim exclusive first looks lmao and then just show the trailers from about four movies each week. Such is the case for Mister Hallam Foe Trailer, which is showing on HDNET, for the minor few who can afford that obscure channel and havent already seen the slew of links to the trailer on virtually every mainstream movie site on the net. Do I sound bitter? LOL Right, try to be optimistic!

Ok speaking of optimistic, someone made a widget featuring that dreadful, cluttered and not -spending -my- money-buying-that- messed up US Mister Hallam Foe poster and has the trailer -note it still says the May 23 date, like it reads on the Magnolia site, but heh at least its something.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Show Me Some Jamie Sives!

ahhh tis hot in the city, sex in the city is everywhere and oho there's hot Jamie Sives to heat up the tv too this summer! yeah! Showtime, purveyors of gloriously trashy smutty and deliciously original and sexy programming has now picked up ITN's program "Secret Diary of a Call Girl" starring Billie Piper.

The reason this is of note is that my favorite actor Jamie Sives (Sigma films Hallam Foe, Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself)is in one (or two) of the episodes due to air in the next few weeks. The show premieres on the cable station tomorrow, June 16, with Jamie's episode to air on June 23 at 10:30 pm.

Now the whole premise of this show is that Billie Piper's character is a high price prostitute in London. The second episode is where her character (sporting the most ridiculous of wigs and attire) attends a private sex party/orgy, you know the overly staged type of thing full of genetically perfect people eager for all type of sex that exists mostly in fevered imaginations, campy chic-lit books, movies like Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut, or of course, campy shows like Call girl. At the party, Billie hooks up briefly with Jamie and his wife for one very hot yet short scene. alas. as her character turns them down and off they go. heh noooo way would I turn Jamie down (not that in one zillion years hed ever be remotely interested! lol) but still such a sexy scene. *needs cold shower lol* You can watch this scene via this link on youtube, thanks to whoever uploaded that!, no sure, but I believe you must be 18 and older and have to verify your birthdate for this one? On a related note of sorts, Ive had several opportunities to interview director Alfonso Cuaron, and once we talked at length about filming and the importance of including scenes like the infamous sex scene with the two normal looking guys and girl in his excellent Y tu mama tambien. (trailer here) Like David Mackenzie, Alfonso Cuaron (an incredible flirt btw-oy!) has no fear of shooting original sexy and provocative scenes, and is truly a future master filmmaker -I think he is already one but there is still so much wonderful work ahead.

Anyway, while mildly enjoyable I guess, frankly the whole Call Girl series is typically fluffy shallow low brow ITN fare. I mean, I know they are a huge broadcaster in the UK, and I have quite candidly been interview by them several times in the past (and heh I was the one who flirted shamelessly this time with a most yummy cameraman there last summer-great fun, love the English! woo) but still, this is not the type of Emmy deserving entertainment. Blather aside, if you are in the mood for some light entertainment of the sexy camp variety then this show (TV MA) is for you.

This is not the first time Jamie has worked with Billie Piper of course, as he was a guest star on the equally fun Dr. Who. Starring in a really popular episode called "Tooth and Claw" Jamie, sporting some loopy pseudo mutton chops in this, plays a member of Queen Victoria's guard, where he meets a brutal end at the hands of a Werewolf (yea I know, but it's Dr. Who, you just have to go with it) While there is this hilarious condensed version of the entire show, below is a great scene, starting with the awesome David Tennant and Billie, where they meet Jamie in the highlands of Scotland (more likely the coast of England lol but it's such great fun. Enjoy!)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Alastair Mackenzie to Perform at Latitude Festival in UK

Lucky lucky lucky UK residents will get the chance to see actor (and co-founder of Sigma Films) Alastair Mackenzie live in action as he is due to take part in the WordTheatre, part of the Latitude Festival next month. This event is described as follows: "WordTheatre are a non-profit organisation dedicated to keeping the love of language and literature alive through the wonders of oral storytelling. They create and produce live events featuring literary works performed by authors and big name actors."

Along with the wonderful Alastair Mackenzie, others such as the fabulous Juliet Stevenson (Truly Madly Deeply, one of my guilty pleasures favorite films), Ian Hart, Ben Chaplin and more are to take part in this festival which is to be held July 17-20 at Henham Park, Southwold, Suffolk, England.

As this festival also is quite popular due to all the great bands that perform there, Franz Ferdinand is the headliner act this year. All the more reason to try and obtain tickets, which may be difficult as the website says they are sold out alas. Speaking of Franz, the Daily Record is reporting some bad news about the band and their record which was recorded in part at Film City Glasgow. The paper reports the new Album from Franz Ferdinand is not due out now UNTIL NEXT YEAR.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. They cite Alex Kapranos as saying "We've still got quite a bit of mixing to do. "Because we don't know how long it's going to take, we're going to put the release date back a bit. I can't see it coming out this year, it's more likely to come out around January."

Torture, sheer torture lol.Well regardless, it will well be worth the wait but man on man, not good news.

Anyway, this festival would have been fabulous to attend (and naturally I wont be back to England till August) awww the streak of bad luck continues. Doooomed on all fronts I think. Right. Well, because the world does not get to see enough Alastair, check this clip via this link to a funny scene with Archie and Duncan from Monarch of the Glenn, plus this one below never fails to make me smile.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mister Foe US Release Date Set for Late August/September

Here we go again...let's spin that wheel o' mysterious theatrical release dates for Mister (Hallam) Foe and what do we get today.... September 1, 2008.
But wait-another spin says August, 2008.


fangirls highly jaded eye says... Do not pass go. Do not collect the 10.50 for theater tickets. Do not collect badger hats, Jamie Bell posters, nor kick ass Hallam Foe soundtracks until this fall (As wonderful as their music is, just dont bother to contact Domino to see if they will release it here in US cause they are ten times worse at not bothering to answer mails. Besides you can buy import or ebay is always handy). Do not believe this possible release date for Mister Foe until your local movie theater actually has the tickets for purchase and if they yank this once again, by all means call and complain. I surely will. Makes me a bitch, but there you go. I think I'm bout one of ten people that still care over here. This whole thing blows sucks and Im pretty discouraged and disappointed but life is like that for me a lot these days. whatever. no one cares, but in terms of the financial success of this movie here in the states, I genuinely feel this rollout has been badly handled to this point and honestly deserved a bit better than this.

Lesson to learn here: Distributors meet the PR folks. Talking is fun. Coordinating is easy to do. way cool. give it a go. you will be amazed at what happens when same date is written on a paper that everyone has and can read. Fabulous.

Meantime, for those yearning for Jamie, Jumper is out this week on DVD, available at stores everywhere, iTunes and clips o plenty are on Yahoo and esp the Yahoo UK site, plus there is always youtube. had a cute short interview with Jamie, which reminded me why I love his work so much, when he answered about what types of films he likes : "I much prefer the smaller, independent films, following a linear story about a person. Those character-driven films are much more interesting to me. I also find it much more rewarding.

Just like Hallam Foe! :)))

I love the behind the scenes stuff, and yay for PuzzlewithPans /Desiring Hayden for this new pic of Jamie is messing with the camera. Reminds me of when he took over filming that Hallam Foe blogger screener session in London I missed, when he recorded Colin Kennedy and Hugh (Thank god Gia asked that question, cause not only did we get to hear a rare bit from Colin, the ending was adorable). So very funny. LOVE YOU JAMIE

Monday, June 9, 2008

New Behind the Scenes Footage of Hallam Foe Featuring Jamie Bell, Claire Forlani and Ciaran Hinds

Another great treat for us today, courtesy of the wonderful 4cSlater who has posted some fabulous new behind the scenes footage of the making of Hallam Foe. In the video, you can see some top notch stuff of Jamie Bell(Hallam) at work with Claire Forlani (Verity) goofing around at that freezing loch, then later in the heated pool to shoot those intense scenes from the later part of the movie. Also new is footage of Ciaran Hinds (Julius Foe) at work with Claire and Jamie, filming some of the scenes at the hotel, so fun to watch an actual scene being made-just aces!

In addition there are lots of comments from director David Mackenzie, and also his director of photography Giles Nuttegens -this also seems to be shot the day that is reflected in that Kodak article about that was posted in Dec 06 during the course of filming on Get your people. Dunno if all of this wonderful footage was filmed by the Getyourpeople blogger Colin Kennedy (who made the four (Mister) Hallam Foe podcasts that are available on iTunes), nonetheless, it is a real treat for us to see today I think.

JAMIE BELL=Adorable, funny, talented as exhibited time and time again during the snippets of behind the scenes filming, the stuff of him as Hallam flinging down out of the trees is great. The last part is also hilarious-love you Jamie! Thanks so much to 4c for the constant vigilance and dedication in finding these great nuggets for all of us loyal fans!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Serious Facilities Excellent Irn Bru Commercial

OK so this is random, but someone hilariously sent me a link here, featuring a commercial for IRN Bru, suggesting it would help me recover from my recent binge. LOL thank you!

I also checked this out and it turns out that, according to the Guardian, not only does this commercial feature a voice over from Martin Compston (Sigma's Red Road, upcoming Rounding up Donkeys), but was also made by the fine folks at Serious Facilities, who of course are part of the Trifecta of S at Film City Glasgow. As noted on the site "Beautiful directed by the unstoppable Martin Wedderburn, creating stylish vignettes of a clever slant on Scottish Life. Needless to say we love this ad and we hope you do too. Edited by Simon, VFX by Bren."

WELL DONE WELL DONE INDEED! to all involved. So funny! I realise now this has been out a few weeks and Im slow on the uptake again, but this gave me a much needed laugh today, so many thanks for the heads up!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Jump into June

Tis June now, lets see what's on the near horizon this month:

*MISTER FOE.... is harder than hell to find that is sure. Frankly, if you were hoping to see this elusive man anytime soon, don't hold your breath. It had been widely reported (among the widely reported various release dates) this film was to open Friday at the Angelika in New York but lo and behold its Wednesday and NO TICKETS to this movie or any mention of it are anywhere to be found at that website.pffft. Perhaps magically all will be revealed in the coming hours but I wont be catching it this weekend in the big apple it would seem. pity that. to say the least. No one, including the filmmakers know for certain on the release date, so perhaps September it will be in theaters but at this point, things look fairly dismal for our friend mister foe.

In the meantime if you are hankering for Hallam, do go revisit the original Hallam Foe/get your people blog, watch clips and colin's podcasts and other interview via iTunes-free and available for most countries- or visit the original film site, listen to samples of the soundtrack on the MySpace page (no idea if it will ever be available for download here in US- I ordered it just fine though from Domino UK, and the shipping was entirely reasonable )plus be sure to check out the various Jamie Bell, Sophia Myles, Ciaran Hinds fan sites for more.

* JUMPER Dvd: Due to be released June 10, it's just about everywhere already for download heh and thanks to the ever vigilant Puzzle with Pans, you can see a new photo of Jamie Bell in New York yesterday for a photo shoot for the DVD release. I probably wont be buying this, but it will be available on iTunes to rent too (and I see now the UK is also getting this option finally. It will be a great day indeed though when all countries will be able to access these things more readily through a commercial venue so filmmakers don't loose out. Too much to hope I guess that Hallam Foe will ever make it here for download either alas.

*Edinburgh International Film Festival: June 18-29
While no film from Sigma specifically opening/screening alas at the festival this year, there are plenty of good things playing, including:

- The Edge of Love: Yes ok its got Keira Knightley and Cillian Murphy , but the best part is that Sigma Film's co founder and actor Alastair Mackenzie is in this film which will be screened opening night.

- Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day: Already out here in the US, this film is just lovely, and stars the ever wonderful Frances McDormand, along with Ciaran Hinds (Hallam Foe) of course and Shirley Henderson (Wilbur, Harry Potter) who continues to turn in solid performances in every single film she does, just top notch. (trailer and clips here via Yahoo movies)

-Summer: This was not on my agenda, but according to her agent's website, the wonderful KATIE DICKIE is in this film! Katie (who of course will be seen in the second Advance Party film, Rounding up Donkeys where she will reprise her role as Jackie from Red Road) is also apparently in Shane Meadows new film "Somers Town," which I hadn't realised either, but this movie which is already generating some good early buzz, will hopefully be better now that I know Katie is in it lol- ok so not a critical objective reaction, tis the fangirl in me, sad I know but I don't care, Katie is great and someday she will be up there getting the Oscar and recognition she deserves.

-The Stone of Destiny: Yep totally not Sigma related at all, but I am really keen on this and now I see where the movie got picked up for distribution in the UK by Sky Odeon, which is fantastic news for small independent films like this. Earlier it was noted the film screened at Cannes and was part of the Scottish Day at the film festival, where it apparently was met warmly. The Arborath Herald reports :A spokesman for Scottish Screen explained that screenings to potential buyers at the Cannes Film Festival had proven to be a real success. And audiences even applauded the film - an uncommon occurrence with the audiences typically found at Cannes. Director Charles Martin Smith was quoted as say that the response to the film has been excellent. He noted the wonderful, emotional response that the film has received before adding his delight that Sky Odeon have signed a deal to distribute the movie across the UK.

-Faintheart: Viva and power to the geeks is all I have to say. This film looks fabulous, and as noted on the EIFFFFFFFF site, tis complete with an intro from the always fabulous Ewan Bremner (Hallam Foe) so rock on to MySpace, fan driven films.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Alex Kapranos, Scottish Style Icon?

Listen Up Franz Ferdinand Fans! Is Alex Kapranos deserving of the Scottish Fashion Awards Style Icon of 2008 award? While many think he and the band are a fine lot indeed, here is your chance to vote for Alex in the Scottish Fashion awards as announced today in The Herald newspaper. To Vote (for now) send an email to, putting Style Icon in the subject line. All votes must be received by noon on June 23. Only one vote per person. The winner will be announced at the Scottish Fashion Awards on June 29.

Other contenders are

lol well, Im kinda thinking Alex has a good chance lolol, but I also like KT Tunstall who is solid and really good in concert (looks like a regular girl too not too all uber thin and has substance with style). I watch Ferguson everyone now and then (my late nights are spent with my boy Jon Stewart, and Letterman who I met a couple times over the years when I used to work for NBC, still cracks me up when he slams the pinheads lol) but yea totally go vote for Alex lol.

On a related note, over the weekend, the Sunday Herald ran a new feature on the Edinburgh Film Festival director Hannah McGill. In this article, she spoke about the criticism she has faced along with getting the job of running a large festival such as the one in Edinburgh. Again my deepest regret is that I was unable to go last year to see first hand that festival and the premiere of Hallam Foe, but it seemed to be a good success from most of what I read afterward. yea totally some people are ALWAYS going to bitch and complain and it really can hurt like hell. Having been subjected to some truly horrible statements blasted anonymously on the internet (and horrid emails) myself I can relate to how it can stun and sting, but she must stay resolute and have faith that time and her own solid reputation can develop over time. This year looks to be a wonderful festival with The Edge of Love getting a lot of press,a s is the myspace film and of course Im way keen on Stone of Destiny.